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Frequently Asked QUestions

  • What is the program criteria for eligibility?
    Male youth age 18-21, especially from the black racialized community Unstable housing conditions and at-risk of homelessness Agreed commitment to participate in education, training and/or employment Able and willing to function independently and engage in life improving activities
  • Is there a fee for entering the Housing program?
    The program fee is $497/month throughout the period of stay in the program this may be paid by youth or a referring community support agency.
  • What hours are services provided to youth?
    The Oasis Home supports Program Officer on site to provide direct care to resident youth, serving as a role model and providing guidance with personalized transitional plans. Youth can expect one (1) hour of personalized programming with staff per week and also one (1) hour of group programming alongside other program participants
  • What is the Intake process?
    Referrals are welcome from youth care agencies, community groups, caregivers, and mentors. Youth may also self-refer. The Referral Form is available on our website: An Intake Interview is typically scheduled within 2 working days of an application being received. The interview is an opportunity to assess program eligibility and a decision may be made within 5 working days from initial referral.
  • What program model does the Oasis House offer?
    OYC’s Transitional Housing Program adapts the Foyer Model Housing as an effective response to youth homelessness. The core concept of a Foyer Model is the support of accommodation on the basis of an agreed commitment to participate in education, training and/or employment.
  • How is the Foyer Model different from other transitional housing models?
    Accommodation is the tool used to engage with young people and support their participation in education, training or employment. It provides a less institutionalized environment offering family-like settings while promoting independence. Foyers also allow young people to stay for extended periods of time, and an acknowledgement that for any young person - housed or not - the transition to adulthood takes time and is different for everyone.
  • How long can youth stay in the program?
    The minimum stay period is 6 months when youth are involved in life coaching, life skills training and employment readiness. However, knowing that the journey to independence and competence is different for every youth, our program can support a youth up to 2 years of residence.
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